My Top 3 oils for Hypersensitive skin.

Photo by Suad Kamardeen, Unsplash I’ve always had very sensitive skin. Walking into pharmacies to buy facial products, a constant struggle. As it was always trial and error. I always broke out. Eventually, I decided to try out natural products. Organic, no chemicals. Guess what? Clear skin. Everyone is different. Though, if you’re like me here are … More My Top 3 oils for Hypersensitive skin.

My Jogging Debut

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through your feed, viewing statuses, and also while watching TV. That moment when you think ‘ maybe it’s time to get in shape’. The question then becomes ‘ which workout?’. Gym fees, expensive sports wear and whey protein are costs that deter people from exercising. Thus,some opt for home exercises. … More My Jogging Debut

Exam Anxiety

  ‘Stressed’ is the standard state of mind. Daily, we are confined to stuffy lecture theatres and an even stuffier library. Scrambling for seats as well as cool air. The trek to and from classes seems even longer than usual. It’s that time of year, when finals loom over us. Far, but not far enough. This is … More Exam Anxiety

A ‘cool’ summer

June and July are over! The time for thick jumpers, Uggs and windbreakers is over. Goodbye to that weird cold in the morning, hot by lunch time weather. Hello shorts, swimsuits and all the things you could not enjoy during ‘Zambian Winter’.  There’s always a downside to every season. When it comes to summer, we … More A ‘cool’ summer