Dining specials: Lusaka

Going out for a meal doesn’t always mean your account should take a hit. We can eat good food and not regret it. It’s all about timing and location. Where and When? That’s another headache. Luckily I’m going to lay it out , day by day.

  • Golden Spur: Buy one burger get one free. This of course refers to Lunch time
  • The Manor: Mondays is buy one pizza get another free. Plus it’s made in a wood oven, yum,
  • Sterkinekor: If you’re a member of their club, it’s half off every movie. Registration is free and takes about ten minutes. Enjoy their prestige cinema, for half the price. The members’ card is pretty cool too.
  • The Manor : Their pizza special runs for two consecutive days!
  • Rhapsody’s: Chicken and Chips, for 100. This is inclusive of a free glass of wine. Isn’t this a steal?
  • Rhapsody’s: This time it’s Spaghetti bolognaise on offer, along with a complementary glass of wine. K100 only!
  • Steers: Fast food craving? Well it’s another buy one burger get another free special. One burger costing about K40 or so.
  • Rhapsody’s: There are those days when you crave a good native meal. Nshima and Fish is available. A glass of wine and veggies inclusive
Source credit: The Manor
  • The Manor: Who doesn’t love Karaoke? Well sing along with drinks that are well priced.
  • The Manor: They offer two specials. A burger comes with a free milkshake. Whilst a pizza comes with two! When aren’t complementary drinks appealing? Afternoons also offer beers and ciders at 50% off.
Source credit: Location cafe
  • Location cafe: Sometimes we need to try out something new. Ever considered Tanzanian cuisine? Every Sunday, this is their speciality. Meals start at K60. Try something new this week.
    • Rhapsody’s has  a special every week day from 5:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m! What a way to wind down.
Source credit: Rhapsody’s Lusaka
  • Meanwhile a full breakfast costs K45 at John Dory’s (Yes, the cover photo!)
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*I receive no monetary compensation for this post. Neither is it meant to besmirch any parties mentioned. All images used with permission, prior to publishing. 

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