Financial Obliviousness

‘Financial obliviousness’ as defined by me: A state of being unaware of one’s current and future financial standing. 
We are young and enjoying our youth. Whilst simultaneously trying to figure out, what direction our lives are headed in. Meanwhile, we see people our age doing the most. Others may be in their late 20’s, yet they are more than financially stable. Do you want to be comfortable in the near future as well? Do you ever wonder how you would accomplish it? Then Financial obliviousness, should not describe you at this point.
The first and hardest question, is ‘How?’. TED talks, inspiring books, talk shows, there are so many sources as to how. One thing that always comes up, apart from determination and perseverance, is being money smart. ‘
What does this mean though? Saving isn’t always easy. Impulsive spending is an issue. Unexpected emergencies or expenses too. So how does one so young become money smart? It’s not something we are taught but expected to know by the time we graduate. ( especially in Zambia)
 I’ll be breaking it into two parts, in reference to money you already have. Saving and curbing impulse buying. These will be two separate posts. Nobody likes a ridiculously long read! So be sure to check back for these follow up posts ( or get an email notification when you subscribe).
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