First Night Out

It was my friends’ 20th birthday. We’re alike, in that neither of us gets out so much. This time though, she had no choice. Her young Aunts declared she was going out. Naturally, that meant me as well. Beforehand, I had quite a few misconceptions about the night scene in Zambia.

1. The Fashion:
I expected skimpy dresses and raunchy heels all round. However, the nightlife fashion scene blew my mind! ( In a good way). The booty shorts, thigh high boots, jumpsuits, brallettes.. things that you may see on T.V but wouldn’t think were worn here.  Thing is, you also had the jeans and chunky heels. Anything goes, just depends on your mood. Are you slaying or just chilling? Inner Fashionista or casual chic?

2. Free entry:
Ladies, you can get in free almost everywhere! Guys.. well. not so much. Took me a while to catch on. More girls mean more guys buying them drinks. So, ladies, these places will welcome you, arms open.

3. Pick your crowd

 My first club was in Longacres. Never going back. Old men, bad music , serious B.O. Don’t just walk into any club or chill spot. Ambience is everything. Ask around before you have a bad experience.

4. Confidence
For guys this one is important. Walk in like you own the joint! If you don’t, you get bounced. Ladies this applies to you too. Especially if you have a baby face, but are of age.

5. Bouncers
No, you cannot slip a bouncer a note and slip in. These guys don’t play. The better the place, the harder it is to convince them. Unless you know the owner, you’re not going anywhere.

6 Let loose;
Source credit: Giphy
No one will stop you from dancing. This was pretty liberating for me. It was fun, you just do you and well.. dance. Good music is everything. As well as your company

Ladies, move in packs of 3 or more. Never let a friend go to the loo alone. Never leave your drinks unattended. Someone buys you a drink? Watch it being brought to you, or open the bottle yourself. You never know.

8. Gum
Alcohol breath is not fun! Carry a few pieces so you don’t stink up the place.

9. Belongings
Keep them close. Beware of pickpockets!

10. Transport
Have a sober driver. Never put yourself in a situation where you’re in danger. Always have a back-up who you can call.

At some point the heels get uncomfortable, more so if you dance. Carry flats in your bag or in the car just in case.

This was all taught to me by experienced people. So if you want to try it out, go ahead with caution. The best thing about being young is trying new things. Get out there while you can. Lest you end up as a 40 year old parent clubbing with 20 year olds.

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